Love in the Single Season

The first thing I did this morning was talk to Him. I cannot live a day without having him with me. Everywhere I go, I see Him. Today, we danced for hours and just spent time together. We talked about life, and the future, dreams and it felt really good to simply rest in his arms. It is one of my favorite places to be. Everything about Him consumes me! He is always on my mind. Obsession? -No. He is everything my life is about! I was made for him. He loves me unconditionally, and I love him.

I can still remember the day we met. I was five years old. I did not fall in love with him until I was about fourteen though, only to find that He had loved me forever and was waiting for me. Heart-set, I’ve been with him ever since. He’s so in love with me, and there are so many days I wonder why. Why would he love me? Why did he choose me?  Yet I often find myself in his arms. He knows everything about me and even knows me better than I know myself. He loved me when I felt unlovable. To him, I was always beautiful. Everything about him is amazing! He is the first one I talk to in the morning, and he is the last I talk to at night. Everyday I fall more and more in love with him.

It is a perfect romance that we share. Many girls dream of such companionship and love. They look seemingly everywhere to find it, but little do they know that what they are looking for has been so close to them all of this time. They just have to open their eyes to see it. This is the meaning of the single season — a love that is ever present and that never ends. It is about arms that hold you and never let you go. It is about one who will always be there for you, no matter what storms may come your way. It’s about everything that you were made to be and do. This season is about the romance we share with our beloved Savior.

What I have just illustrated above is what many of us dream of as the perfect romance. God is the lover of our souls. I know that often times we dream of doing these things with the man that we will one day marry – but I tell you that before you can know this love with a man, you must first have this love with God. How can one have this love if they do not know God’s love? The truth is – they can’t. I believe that one can’t truly experience love in it’s wholeness until they have experienced God, because God is love.

This romance that I am telling you of is beautiful and intimate and it is my prayer that during this season of singleness that you will learn to share in it too.


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