Between the Dreaming and the Coming True…

Sometimes the hardest place to be is between the dreaming and the coming true. Where you have seen the dream and are going after it, only carrying it with you in your heart as you have not yet reached it. This dream is not yours yet. 
Between the dreaming and the coming true is work and obstacles and trials that strengthen us. We don’t so much make the dream as the dream makes us. It pushes us to pursue, and if we truly want it, we will go to great measures to gain it. 

Right now, one of my dreams I’m carrying is to have a book published but between the dream and the coming true is a lot of work writing, and obstacles that include but are not limited to agents, publishers, time, relations and such. When I first saw this dream,, it seemed so easy, but now standing between my dream and it’s reality, I realize just how hard it can be in this place.

Sadly, not everyone reaches the reality of the dream. i see it as God give you a dream to store away and carry and to nurture, but before it can be fully grown, you have to make it to the promised land where it can be planted. The dream needs to take root in your heart so you can make it through the rough season – or through the desert you must pass through to reach the place where your dream will flourish. 

Don’t lose heart, and don’t leave your dream behind in the desert. Doing that can leave you wandering for years. God has a dream placed in each of us. One that we need to take hold of and allow it to take root in our lives. And ultimately, we need to follow where He leads us, even through the deserts to reach the place where the dream will flourish.

But, easier said than done. The dream at first has us excited and on fire, how long does that last in the desert?

But I tell you, keep heart and don’t lose faith when you are between the dreaming and the coming true because God is greater, and keep looking to Him and you will find rivers in the desert you’re walking through. 

Ultimately God is faithful. he has entrusted to you this seed, this dream…let Him bring you to a place where it will grow and spread and where it will thrive and prosper. 

Consider a pearl and all the time it takes to be cultured. But in the end it becomes a priceless piece of beauty. The culturing of a pearl is much like standing between your dream and it’s reality. It’s hard, but it shapes you, and changes you. It makes you into a thing of beauty. 

With every dream that God places in our lives, He has a purpose in mind and a person that He wants us to be when we reach it. God equips the called to do His work. this is God’s purpose and vision for you….when it seems like you’re stuck in the desert, remember that he’s preparing you for the dream to come true. And being always faithful, your dream will not die unless it is you who leaves it in the desert as you wander. Looking to God, He will always be more than enough, even when you can’t see. We walk by faith, not by sight.

What is your dream?

Where are you on this journey?

Has your dream taken root?

Are you setting out toward the promised land where you will flourish and thrive,


Are you wandering through the desert now? Are you worn and weary. Has your journey been long?

or have you reached the place and seen your dreams and the fruit that has come from them?

Is your dream taking root? Go deep.

If you’re in the desert, have faith and rivers will flow.

If you’ve thrown your dream in the desert sand. Go and pick it up again. You can still make it. Have faith.

If you’ve reached the place and have seen the dream flourish – well done. Continue in your dream.

To everyone who is between the dreaming and the coming true:

Be strong. Stay focused. Have faith. Never give up hope. Keep your dream rooted deep down , and trust God to bring you through to where he has a purpose to plant you. 

Learn and enjoy the journey. Let it make you. And God through  your trials, mold you for the dream he has placed within your heart. 

Blessings always,

Brittany L. Ketter (1 Peter 3:4)

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