Lessons :)

I’ve been learning a lot lately…so I’m making the habit of writing it down because I don’t want to forget all of these lessons, and some of them I think are good to share. 🙂

God has been showing me that your focus can have a major impact on your life. E. Stanley Jones said, “what you focus on determines what you become.” This is very true in so many ways. As Erin Davis put it, “If your focus is on your circumstances (outward) or yourself (inward) rather than upward on God, then you’re going to fall into fear and insecurity. You’re going to start hoarding, clinging to what you have, and you’re goint to end up depressed and in despair…”

This really got me thinking, and so this week during youth convention I came up with this:

If you focus on God, then you will rise on His strength confident in who you are and that no matter the circumstances, He will keep you. And in His presence and His will, you will find peace and joy.

“Living in the past is the only thing that can hold you back from soaring into an abundant future” (Anonymous). Things change. People change. It doesn’t mean that you keep trying to live in the past. it doesn’t mean that you forget the past and try to cover it up. It means that you move on and treasure all the memories. There is a reason for every season that comes about in our lives. And every season has a beauty in it, but that beauty is often not seen when we are looking back at what used to be instead of living in the season that we’re in. When change comes, embrace it! Don’t miss out an opportunity for a different kind of wonderful! 🙂


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