A Summer With Mr. Knightly

Summer is finally here! So many look forward to summer and all for different reasons, but I’ve seen one common reason among many of them, and that being – there is just something magical about summer that allows us to dream above and beyond and where we really believe that dreams will come true. In other words, summer comes and many of us are sitting and waiting for Mr. Knightly to come and sweep us off our feet and then the long dreamed-of summer will become all the more magical!

It is time that I let you in on a little secret about the Single Season. Are you ready? Here it is: The Single Season does not mean that you do not dream or wish for that guy to come, or not think about what it will be like when he does. Face it girls, we all do it. We all think about who he will be, when he will come, how we will know, how he will know, where will we be and how long until then? Often those are the thoughts that run through our heads at some point or another, and over and over again. This was ordained at the beginning. We yearn for that companionship. Who is he in your dreams?

I do my fair share of dreaming and I love the thrill of summer, but there is so much more to it than Mr. Knightly coming and sweeping us off our feet and riding away with us on His mighty horse! (Or some of you might prefer a candy red BMW or Ferrari.)

It is a strange feeling to miss someone that you may have possibly never met. But it is a feeling I often find in myself. Summer is here, and I do not know what you may think, but to me, summer is a season of life and love. Every year I tell myself, “This is going to be the best summer ever!” And why is that? Will it be the summer that love finds me? Will it be the summer that I can stop waiting? Maybe it could be, but not so far. No, every year I tell myself that because I choose to make it that way. With school out and plenty of extra time on my hands, I like to take advantage of those long hot summer days and lay in the Son. (No, that is not a typo there. I am not talking about the physical sun as much as I like to soak that in.) I am talking about God’s Son. Summer gives me all this time to get into His presence. I realize that many times summer can be even more busy or crazy than the school year, but who makes it that way? I’m not telling you to not go swimming or not hang out with your friends and family. I am not telling you to not have fun and take in the excitement of summer. What I am saying is take this season to return to your first love.

The summer after I turned 16 was one of the most memorable summers of my life? And why? Because I chose to make it that way. I remember being with my best friend constantly! It didn’t matter what was going on that week, we always made time to get together. There was even a 2 week stretch where we saw each other every day and did multiple sleep overs. We got to know each other in ways that we never knew each other before with that time we had that summer. And she remains my best friend to this day.

Just as we almost always are able to “make time” for our friends, we should be able to have time for God. He should be your first and foremost priority every single day. Ultimately our goal as we journey to be godly ladies-in-waiting should be to first and foremost be to know God intimately. I can promise that He is the only one that you can ever fall in love with without risking your heart. He crafted you, and He will hold your heart in His hands for as long as you let Him. I urge you to let Him be the keeper of your heart until comes the time for your Mr. Knightly to come and win your heart over.

May your summer be filled with blessings and your heart be ever so captivated by Jesus in this season of singleness. And as your journey through, I pray that you find the love of Jesus to be so much more than you ever thought it could be before. He is love.

~Brittany Lee Ketter


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