A Man Like Him…

In honor of Fathers’ Day I have this post dedicated to Father/Daughter relationships (which still has everything to do with the Single Season.)

Fathers play such an important role in our lives. They have an amazing influence on who we will become. I have seen this even in my own life.

My dad taught me that I have value and that a guy that comes along that does not treat me for what I’m worth – then he isn’t worth it. My dad is much of the reason that I have such high standards when it comes to the man I will take as my husband one day. He is also the reason I continue to keep my standards there. Some wise words from my dad that changed my perspective were:

“If some guy comes along and he doesn’t treasure you the way I do, then he’s not worth it. Because if he was worth it, he would see your worth and treasure you like I do.” – Dave Ketter

Those words alone spoke volumes to me. Because in those few words there he pointed out several truths. First that he loves me and treasures me greatly and also that he wants what is best for me. My dad taught me a lot about love in that way, and also a lot about self-worth, and setting your standards.

There are a few things about my dad that really stand out to me, but all of them come back to his commitment to his family. This is a really big thing with my dad, and I have come to greatly admire him for this quality that is so very apparent in his character.

I believe that there is a special bond between Dad’s and daughters. I look up to my dad and I admire him greatly. He has always been my hero. I rarely find something I enjoy more than a night with my dad. I love being with him. Just I and he – even if it is just driving to the store or watching the game – I can never get enough of the one-on-one daddy-daughter time. The more I am with him, the more I see in him that I would want in a husband someday. Some of these things are commitment, strength and purpose. His commitment to his family is so apparent. Father 5 kids, (3 of them being teenagers, YIKES! Okay 2 teenagers and then a tween who thinks she’s a teenager,) he works hard and long hours every day to support his family. Afterwards, you will find him working on things that need done around the house. He doesn’t work for the fun of it. He doesn’t work for the money. He doesn’t work to give himself a good name. But he does it for us – to support his family. He does it to the very best of his ability and I admire that quality of commitment in my dad. He makes a point when things are not running the way that they should be. He heads our household well. His purpose – I see in his stance. Whether he is in his suit going to work, or in his old worn jeans and t-shirt working outside or fixing cars, my dad is a man of purpose. His purpose is that of one he knows full well of – the position that God has placed him in as the head of this family.

I did not just dream this entire thing up. I had to be taught to see it. I cannot recall a time ever where my dad was not there for me. Dads are special, and I believe that the Father-daughter relationship is too. There is just a bond there, seemingly from the beginning.

My dad is the reason I have gone through most of my teen years without “needing” a guy. I did not “need” a boyfriend like some of my friends and many teens my age did. I’d much rather have a day out with my dad. As I have grown older though, that has not changed, but I am starting more to want to find the one that God has for me. I love the relationship I have with my dad, and I do not ever want it to change. He fills a place in my heart where only a guy could fill – where only he could fill. He has taught me what I want.

I want a man like him.

Something really special to me that daddy told me was this:

“Take your dream and pursue it with everything in you.” – Dave Ketter

I often remind myself of those words as they keep me looking high and never settling for less than I can do. It is something that I know I will always carry with me.

Thank you, Daddy for always loving me and for always putting your family first. Thank you for all the hard hours you work to provide for us. Thank you for the way that you love Mom – I love seeing that and it really has had a huge impact on me. Thank you for believing in me and for wanting what is best for me. Thank you for loving me and for always helping me with my car when I needed it. I love that time that we have together. I know that I am beyond blessed to have you for a dad and I thank God for you every day! I love you, so much, Daddy! Happy Fathers’ Day!
Always your little girl,


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yvonne
    Jun 19, 2011 @ 07:15:34

    What a beautiful tribute to your father,he is indeed a good man. I would know, as I’ve known him since he was a teen. In this day and time it is so refreshing to see a man committed to not only his immediate family but everyone related to him.

    auntie Flash


  2. Eileen Stettner
    Jun 19, 2011 @ 07:32:52

    OMgosh I have tears running down my cheeks! This is the man I saw 20 yrs. ago. Commitement to his wife and family!Truly r u blessed Brittany to have him as ur Dad! Not many men r like ur Dad. He has 5 children and am sure every one of them feels as u do about him. Happy fathers Day Dave! U always were my mentor, and I still see that is true. Have a blessed Day with Stacy and kids!!! Eileen


  3. Aunt Jude
    Jun 19, 2011 @ 11:14:59

    I have known your Dad since he was a toddler…he has always been kind and loving.
    He was spending the summer with us when my Dad died and cried as I did. He is one of the
    most sensitive and caring person I have ever know. You are lucky to have him as your Father.
    Enjoy and treasure him always. xoxoxoxoxo Aunt Jude


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