Another Thought on the Topic of Seeing Beauty…

In the last post we talked about seeing beauty in the single season. I have a few more thoughts on seeing beauty however. Sometimes beauty is hard to find; especially when considering circumstances. But something to remember is that beauty isn’t based on the circumstances we see. It is based on what God can bring out of them.

I have learned personally just how situations and circumstances have a beauty in them that we often miss when we are looking at them in the face. I have learned, especially over the last year that God really does orchestrate everything so beautifully! We can’t always see the beauty in what He is working through until it is passed and we can look back on what took place. Just knowing that there is purpose in our circumstances, I believe there is a beauty in that. All life has a purpose. There is beauty in everything – you just need to learn to see it. And if you can’t find it, just hold on to the knowledge that God really does orchestrate everything in such a way that we cannot fathom the good that will come from it. Beauty from ashes. Broken to beautiful. The Lord works in amazing ways!

Learn to see the beauty that God puts in our lives, in the little unexpected places that we may call trials.

In what ways has God brought about something beautiful in your life out of a tough situation? Please share in the comment box! 🙂

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  1. Nicola Hill
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 14:46:08

    Absolutely! There is beauty in everything! God brought about two beautiful things out of two tough situations for me last year. First I was thinking of leaving the Uk but then everything turned around and I settled here and have amazing friends and an amazing church :)! Then I was going to leave my current job but everything turned around at work too and I am happy in my job for now :)! Now I am thinking of leaving the Uk but only to travel a bit but I think this will be my home base which is really funny because when I was younger I would never have pictured myself in the Uk but God’s got a plan for everyone :)!


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