Taking a Stand

For every minute 2 little girls are taken for the purpose of sex-trafficking. Take a stand against Human Trafficking.

 “She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy.” Proverbs 31:20

The statistics are staggering. Human Trafficking globally is estimated to make over $32 billion a year. It is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world and is second only to drug trafficking. 80% of the victims are women and young girls. The average age for entry into prostitution or sexual exploitation is 12 years old. 50% of human trafficking victims are minors. 42% of those recruiting victims are women.

It is estimated that 2 children are sold every minute.

I went to a Love 146 production the other night. They had Heather Clark with them who had her worship dance team there who did a production to raise awareness for Human Trafficking. The production was so powerful! (To see the opening dance click here)

In proverbs 31, “The Woman who Fears the Lord” – says in verse 20 that she “opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy.” (NIV)

These women and children are in desperate need. Human Trafficking is not just happening in far away countries. It is happening in this country. It is happening in your city. This issue is so little-known. Most do not realize that this is happening even right down their street.

We need to take a stand to to extend our hands to those who are in need. To think that for every minute 2 children are sold.


What is life that a price can be put on it? And yet these children are sold for cheap sex.

The average slave is sold for $90. A life is sold for $90.

Will you stand and reach out to help them?

(To join the Love 146 cause on facebook click here.)

To sign the petition to end Human Trafficking in Pittsburgh use the link below.


On a larger scale, check out http://pearlalliance.org

Also, if you are near pittsburgh, or know anyone near there, check out the Artists Against Sex Trafficking Event at Dormont Presbyterian Church on Friday, July 15th from 4-7 pm. You can find more information the event page on facebook.

Reaching Out,

Brittany L. Ketter


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ashley
    Aug 03, 2011 @ 22:17:59

    WOW This is so true! Its not something you want to think about, but it MUST be shared! Thanks! You Go Girl!!!


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