True Beauty – Interview with Erin Davis & GIVEAWAY!

Hey girls! Today I have an interview with Erin Davis author of Graffiti: Learning to See the Art in Ourselves and True Princess. She is first a wife and mother, and also an author and speaker with a true passion for God. So read on and join the conversation!
Brittany Ketter: As I have been writing on the Single Season, I have been wanting to touch on the topic of loving yourself and seeing your beauty. And just based on that, I thought, who better to help share that message than you? I believe that an important part of being a godly lady-in-waiting is being confident in who you are and in who God created you to be. I have seen for many that beauty is an area where confidence is lacking. So I am really glad that you are here to join us today and talk about it.
Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Erin Davis: Well…my name is Erin Davis. I live in Missouri with  my handsome hubby and two little boys, Eli (age 3) and Noble (age 1). I am a writer and have written several books including one on true beauty titled “Graffiti: Learning to See the Art in Ourselves.” I also write for the blog and freelance for some magazines like ec. I travel quite a bit speaking to young women about God’s truth. I am highly involved as a youth coach for the youth group at my church, where my husband is a pastor. I love Milk Duds! And…most importantly I am a passionate follower of Jesus. I delight to point others toward His transforming Truth.
Brittany: That’s awesome! You said that you do quite a bit of speaking (I’ve had the privilege of getting to be there for one of those events!) what is it in your mind that you want those listening to take with them when they leave?
Erin: It is always my prayer before I speak that those in the audience would see right past me. I don’t want it ever to be about Erin Davis but about God’s Truth. My specific goals for the audience change based on the type of event or why I am speaking, but ultimately I always want it to be about the Gospel. I want those who listen to me to hear the Good news that God is in the business of saving us…from our sin, from our pain, from our bondage, from ourselves. I always pray for an opportunity to preach the Gospel in a way that rings true.
Brittany: So, getting on the topic of beauty and loving yourself, how would you define beauty?
Erin: I think beauty is that part about us that makes us lovely. Of course part of beauty is outward and I think it is important to note that outward beauty is not a bad thing. But there is also such a thing as inward beauty. These are the traits that make us appear lovely to others like compassion, gentleness, service. Beauty has to do with those parts of ourselves that draw others to us.
Brittany:  In our world today, what do you think is the biggest bad influence is that changes our perception of ourselves and what beauty really is?
Erin: You know there are lots of elements of our culture that we can point to as the problem, but the Truth is that magazines and TV shows and airbrushed models aren’t the real enemy of beauty. Satan hates beauty because our God-given beauty points others toward God, so Satan sets out to destroy it. When it comes to beauty, Satan is the ultimate enemy. When we realize this, we can stop fighting against the culture fight where the battle is really being waged.
Brittany: Amongst those I talked to, many of them said that they want to be beautiful because they want to be noticed. This was something that was said that really stuck to me as I write on the Single Season, and are hearing how these girls just want to be noticed. Who of us doesn’t want to be noticed? But based on their statement, what would you say to those who want to be recognized for their appearance?
Erin: Of course you want to be noticed. We all do! But the kind of attention you are seeking can never ever satisfy. I bet your readers have had guys pay attention to their beauty before, even if it was just briefly. Does that satisfy? No way! It just leaves us craving more attention. And when that attention doesn’t satisfy we are my hungry to be noticed than ever before. They key is to know what God says about you in His Word, to believe it, and to let the attention that God has already lavished on you be enough.
Brittany: Is comparing yourself to others really that dangerous? And how does comparing affect our perception of ourselves?

Yes! It really is that dangerous. You know what we are actually doing when we compare what we’ve got to what other girls have (and then secretly wish we were more like them in a certain area) we are coveting. This is serious business.
Here’s just a taste of what God says about coveting in His Word.
“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his manservent or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor” (Exodus 20:17).
That passage is part of the 10 commandments, meaning it really matters to God and has the potential to wreak havoc on the life of the believer.
James 4:2 says, “You want something but don’t get it. You kill and covet, but you cannot have what you want. You quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God.”
That’s the progression. We want a version of beauty that others have but we do not. It starts to eat at us as we long for it more and more. We may not kill for outward beauty but there are a million little deaths. Death of joy, death of peace, death of being a vibrant witness. Then we lose intimate friendship with other girls because we are too busy playing the comparison game. Our prayer life gets blocked because we are too busy focusing on ourselves and wishing for a different version of beauty that we can’t focus on Him.
When you play the comparison game, you are going to lose.
Brittany: What would you say self-love is?
Erin: The simplest definition is loving yourself. The world says you should love yourself because you have a lot to offer. This is dangerous logic. When we start to look at the issues of beauty and value from God’s point of view we aren’t going to discover self-esteem. What we are going to discover is that we have value because God created us and because He loves us. It’s about shifting our focus and changing where we get our sense of worth from.
Brittany: How important is it to love who we are? Why?
Erin: I wouldn’t say that we necessarily need to love who we are as much as we need to believe what God has said about is. It is a fine line between being confident because you think you have your act together and being confident because you are the daughter of the King of Kings. But, I would say that the issue of beauty is swallowing girls whole. I truly believe that if you can base your identity in Christ your struggles in every other area of your life will ease up.
Brittany: What purpose do you think loving yourself and seeing your beauty have in the “single season?”
Erin: If you don’t have the issue of who you are and why you matter figured out you are going to really struggle during the single season. The temptation will be much greater to compromise your purity and your standards because you will be looking for a fella to affirm that you matter. The result can be some really bad choices that can have lasting consequences.
Brittany:  I know that you have a book that covers quite a bit of what we are talking about today. Graffiti: Learning to see the Art in Ourselves, really has a great message! What is your biggest point in that book that you really want to drive home?
Erin: That God has much to say on the issue of beauty. Only by digging in His Word for answers to your questions about
your beauty and worth can you truly find peace with your beauty.
Brittany: What inspired you to write Graffiti?
Erin: I actually wrote it for a group of girls I was disciplining. I didn’t care enough about myself to investigate God’s Word for answers on the subject of beauty, but I loved them enough to roll up my sleeves and get to work.
Brittany: What can you tell us about your more recent book, True Princess?
Erin: It is a Bible study that looks at the difference between acting like a princess and living like a daughter of the King. God really challenged me when I was writing it! I think we all have a lot to learn about our place in God’s kingdom. True Princess is a great start!
Brittany:  Thank you, so much for interviewing! You have had a lot of great thoughts to share This really is a blessing and I appreciate you being here so much! Praying God’s blessings on you today!
Hey girls! Erin has agreed to do book giveaways here on the blog! So leave a comment below and then share this post with a friend! Facebook it. Tweet it. E-mail it. Spread the word! Beauty is more than skin-deep. It is a lifestyle.
The giveaway winner will be randomly chosen later this month.  🙂 
Blessings always,
Brittany L. Ketter


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Abigail Greene
    Jul 12, 2011 @ 18:42:15

    I think wanting to look and feel beautiful in itself is not the issue. I think the real problem is wanting other people to think you’re beautiful, which snowballs into a lot of other things: undermining more important personality qualities that attract the right kind of attention; undermining the fact that the attention being attractive gets you is not what you want to be judged upon and is, as Ms. Davis said, fleeting and unsatisfying; and most importantly, undermining the fact that the most important thing is that you’re perfectly fine in the eyes of the one who matters more than anything, GOD! No one should spend so much time worrying over judgments that only go skin deep, and more importantly, no one should ever feel insignificant because of the way God made them look. As with every battle that, to quote Erin again, “Satan sets out to destroy,” it is an uphill battle unless your identity is firmly based on your Christianity, and everyone will have a day where they just don’t like their looks, but once you base your sense of who-you-are on your soul instead of the vehicle it’s in, that’s when everything can just come together and you can honestly say that all of His creation, including you, is beautiful in the way that really matters.
    And on a random side-note: Absolutely love what Erin said about just being a vehicle for God instead of making it about herself. Really gets the important part of preaching the Gospel!!!


  2. Shan Meiers
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 20:19:23

    I agree with Abigail. It’s a slippery slope, identifying your beauty with what’s on the outside, rather than on the inside. God values us as a soul, not as a face. Too often we get sucked into finding our value in the wrong place, i,e, anything other than who God made us to be.

    My thoughts on beauty? Well, I wrote a song about beauty a few months ago, and I came to the conclusion during the process that beauty isn’t really about looks at all. I think that true beauty is evidenced by our actions. True beauty is shown by a kind, loving, gentle spirit. And that can only be given by God.

    God Bless you Miss Erin. May you continue to write as long as God gives you inspiration.


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