21 Days of Never-the-Same – Day 17

In his continuation of When Heaven Invades Earth, Bill Johnson writes The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind: Access to a Life of Miracles to share what the “normal Christian life” should look like and how that is accomplished. Johnson tells of the message he writes as “an attempt to address a very abused subject – the mind of the believer” (p. 27). Doing so requires “a revolutionary approach to Christian Living — a return to the authentic” (pg. 30). This requires redefining what “normal” Christianity is, in which Johnson explains, “the normal Christian life means miracles, spiritual intervention, and revelation. It means peace, joy, love, a sense of well-being and purpose.” (pg. 31)

The bottom line is this: “we were put here to do the will of God on earth as it is in heaven” (pg. 31). This can only be done with a mind that has been renewed.

Some of the topics covered in this book include:

  • Your mind
  • Revelation and Understanding
  • Forgiveness
  • Enduring Uncertainty
  • Dreaming with God
  • Inheriting the Supernatural

On the topic of your mind, we read about how unnatural it is for a Christian to not have an appetite for the impossible and the effects that the renewing of the mind can have on the Christian life. On revelation and understanding, revelation opens up new realms of living. Stressing the importance of that, Johnson writes: “The spirit of revelation opens up our knowledge of who God is, and from that comes the release of power from heaven” (pg. 73). Forgiveness also plays a role in the renewing of the mind. “It’s difficult if not impossible to demonstrate the will of God ‘on earth as it is in heaven’ if we don’t think of ourselves as truly forgiven, and if we hang onto a false view of our identity. Enduring Uncertainty tells of pushing through in the midst of storms with a knowing that God had prepared us for that moment we are in and He will see us through it. On Dreaming with God, we read that those dreams unlock deep reservoirs of creativity within  each person, in different areas of gifting and talent.” Dreaming with God makes us co-laborers with Him. Co-workers meaning that without Christ we cannot and without us, He will not doing it. His work on earth is not complete without us. Incredible! Lastly, there is inheriting the supernatural. This comes by the process of the renewing of the mind.

One of my favorite parts in The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind is in chapter six – Guilt-free and Forgiven. It quotes Romans 8:38-39 and then says:

“There is no power, no circumstance, no person, no demonic reality, no strategy of the devil, nothing in existence right now in heaven or on earth that can separate you from the love of God.” In light of this, the past is not mentioned, which then says that your past can keep you from the awareness of God and His love and forgiveness.

In reading chapter 8, Enduring Uncertainty, I found this chapter to really resonate within my spirit. It talks about speaking life into the circumstances and situations that you find yourself in as well as having a confidence that God will bring you through it. Sometimes the hardest place to be is between the promise and the coming true. But no matter what happens, we need to stand firm knowing that when we have a promise from God, we have a promise and it is not our job to see that it is made. We aren’t meant to question all of what happens to us. “The suffering will last for but a moment in God’s plan for your life. Be thankful for the opportunity to persevere” (pg. 129).

The effect that The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind had on my life is far more than I expected. The revelation of the renewing of the mind being a gateway to bringing heaven to earth and to miracles and walking out a supernatural life-style is so well laid out by Bill Johnson. It has challenged me to live more boldly and with certainty that as I learn to see from heaven’s perspective and declare truth, I will watch heaven invade.

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