Voice of the Voiceless

For the last several years in October I have participated in pro-life day of silent solidarity. On this day, people from all over silence their voices for those who will never have one – a silent protest. Most wear a red sleeve or badge with “Life” written on it. This protest gets the attention of thousands.

Similarly this month we are raising our voices for the ones who have been silenced. For the many who are silenced through victimization, we are coming together to make known the injustice that they suffer. If you can do nothing else, be a voice.

Maybe you can’t be the one to invade the brothels.

Maybe you can’t be the one to rescue the victims off the street.

Maybe you can’t be the one who puts the pimp behind bars.

But you can be a voice for those who have lost theirs. Maybe you can be the one who, in being a voice plays a part in changing the hearts of the johns (men who “buy” the girls/victims). Every voice helps.

When the johns lose interest or have a heart change the demand on human trafficking will decrease.

There is no telling what your voice can do. Don’t underestimate it.

Speak truth.
Speak in love.
Speak out.

Be a voice.
Your voice is significant.


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