21 Days of Never-the-Same – Day 8

Of all the things I am constantly learning, one of them is that busyness does not always mean effectiveness. I can do a whole lot of things and all of them good, but does that mean that I am being who I am meant to be right here and now.

A wonderful missionary friend said this, “It is not the bad things in life that keep us from the best of God. It is the good things in life that keep us from God’s best.”

So while I may be keeping busy and doing great things “for God” and for the advancement of His kingdom, essentially I am ineffective because I’m not operating in the places that God has called me to. Or I can be doing so many things that leave me unable to focus and put the time and energy into where I a really meant to be. Something will suffer.

Dr. Juli Slattery, a speaker at True Woman 2012 said this:

“If Satan can’t have our souls, he is perfectly content at keeping us useless.”


Without God, that is what our work is.

I’m ever learning to not get distracted by the little things, but keep focus on where God’s heart is at in the moment, at this very time, for here and for now. Distractions can come in “good” packages.

Don’t let the good things [that can at times be ploys of Satan to distract you from your true purpose] in life keep you from God’s best.

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