It is what everyone desires. “If I only…”  or “If I had…”  or “If I didn’t” is the beginning of far too many sentences. It is the beginning of too many thought processes. It is the end of too many dreams, purposes, and untapped potential.

But what if we are just making excuses? What if we are comfortable with our limitations. What if it is a reason we can stop trying what is “too hard” or to never begin in the first place. What if that is the standard we give ourselves is our own limitations?

I am finding that these “limitations” that we have, be it sickness, circumstances, culture, finances or any other thing – it is merely a mask we wear because our real fear is having no limits.

We keep this mask of inferiority and being bound by our current circumstances that we find our comfort in, and then say, “For me to do _____, it would have to be a move of God. But God has already moved! He has called us and in order to do that, we have to step out. When will we believe that we can do all things through Christ who give us strength? (Philippians 4:13) When will we believe that His strength is made perfect in our weakness?

Are we really willing? We are called beyond where we now stand. We are meant to walk by faith…walk…that means you are moving forward. Don’t fall into a spiritual comfort zone.

We are limitless and we fear that truth. To walk in it means stepping out in faith, and that means not always knowing where we are going. But it is not about our comfort…it is about making Him [God] known and saying “yes” and doing what He tells you to do.

Faith is active and moving as faith without works is dead. It is open to no limitations. It doesn’t always make sense, but is a confidence in knowing that even though with man it is not possible, if God has called you to it and He told you to do it, then when you say “yes” to God, He will accomplish His purpose through you. God is faithful to complete the work.

Show up! Say “yes!” Live on the edge. 

No limitations. No excuses.

Where would we be if all God’s people didn’t fear stepping out? What if we said “yes” and didn’t make life about our comfort? What if we lived like it really is all about Him.

In what ways have you limited yourself? As a godly lady-in-waiting, how can you be limitless?

The possibilities are LIMITLESS.

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