Dream Beyond the Dream

I used to think I was a dreamer.

I always say that, “to dream is to go beyond yourself…” – and there is truth in that. However, today I realized I’m not the dreamer I thought I was. I have dreams that go beyond my capability – beyond me and into a realm where the only chance of them succeeding is God alone putting His hand into them. Then my dream hit me – really an internship opportunity – it sounded like a dream. It was everything I love and everything I want to do all in one. I would have said “yes” in a heartbeat. God had other plans…or rather has other plans. I still would love to be saying “yes” to this. Traveling all over the world, dancing, pioneering a creative arts ministry in a church and raising awareness for human trafficking — that sounds most incredible to me — and that is only the highlights. There is more.

When I think that this is my dream and it practically fell into my lap all for God to say, “no” I wonder what He has in mind store.  Then I thought about it a bit more and realized if the dream I envisioned can practically fall in my lap by being offered to me by someone else, maybe I’m not dreaming big enough. Though this I realize that God wants me to expand my vision. Before I didn’t think I could possibly think any bigger than I was…now…now is another story. It is most incredible what can happen when you dream with God. It opens a whole new realm of thinking. 

But dreaming is meant to go beyond casting visions…you’re meant to live them out.



This week I have been challenged to dream with God and I am challenging you to do the same. If you can achieve your dream in your own strength you’re not dreaming – you are simply living a goal-oriented life.  We have lost the art of dreaming well. Let us go back to a dream-state with God. Nothing is impossible for Him.

What is your dream?

Re-Defining Dreams

We dream out of a relative state. Generally our dreams focus on:


1) a change of circumstance or

2) a personal accomplishment.


We have lost the art of dreaming well.

As a child we have this ability to create and embrace imaginary places. We have the ability to dream of things that today we would say is crazy, impossible, childish. (since when is it childish to want to be everything you possibly could push to be or do everything you could push to possibly do?)


When a child dreams, the whole world changes. When we dream, we put on logical, personal and time limitations.

This is not dreaming, but goal-oriented living.


In the loss if our ability to dream well, we also lose passion to drive us. In our goal-oriented lives we do not live to our fullest potential.


Our dreams have turned to lowly goals.

Our passion has turned to practicing poor purpose.

Our potential is suffering in our relative state of mind.


We will never achieve more than what was possible for us to do when we last knew how to dream well. Instead of our dreams growing, they diminish in a world of realistic possibilities where you are not expected to flourish any more than your born circumstances, culture and pattern of life.


There is more to life than the limitations humanity has set.

Our world today says that if it is hard, it is impossible.

If it hurts, don’t do it.

If you fail, it wasn’t meant to be.

And if it costs you, make sure you first know the price.


But a dream state of mind says if it is hard, press harder.

If it hurts, keep going.

If you fail, find another way. You have successfully found a way that won’t work. Try another path and recognize that sometimes you need to create your own.

If it costs you, you give everything.


In a dream, there are no limitations — only obstacles.


Are you dreaming in the realm of the untapped potential in you? Or are you living in the “realistic” limitations that allow you nothing more than the accomplishment of lowly goals of little value or worth to them?


Can you be more than you have been?


Are your dreams just goals? (do they aim to only change a circumstance or personal accomplishment?)


Aim higher and remember: To dream is to go beyond yourself.

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