21 Days of Never-the-Same – Day 20

photoAs I have been studying the Proverbs 31 woman verse by verse, I will admit, I cannot read that passage and not think of my mother.

Two verses that I really want to highlight on are 27-28:

“She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.” (NIV)

My momma is always doing something. She is actively involved in our lives on a consistent basis (that includes even my brother and I who are away at school). With 5 kids that cannot always be easy, but she does an amazing job.

My momma has many fine qualities and is a woman of character. When I think of my mother, the first thing that comes to mind is her strength. She is always like a rock in the storm. She has a strength about her in all she does. She tells you like it is. And she’s grounded. Momma is solid and is a woman of virtue.

Something that really blesses me about my mother, is the love that she and my dad have for each other. There is no better team, and no greater gift that my siblings and I could be given than that.

Even this being said, I feel like I cannot adequately describe my mother. I can never thank her enough for everything she’s done and for everything she is.

The worth of a mother goes beyond what words can describe. 

I am beyond blessed with the mother that God has given to me. I am proud to be my mother’s daughter.

Beyond that, as I have grown, my relationship with my mother has changed in many ways…it has had its stages, but what comes out of it is more than my mother being my mother –  my mother has become a friend. And I am so amazingly blessed to have her.

Thank you, Momma for all you do and all you are to me. Your worth is far above what can be expressed. I love you dearly.

 “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all…” (Prov. 31:29)


21 Days of Never-the-Same – Day 5

me and nanaIt is a rare day that goes by that I don’t think about my Nana Joan and the impact that she made on my life.

Although she is no longer with us, Nana left a powerful legacy of love and it changed my life dramatically. Never have a seen such a display of love so constantly and selflessly lived out.

My Nana was an amazing woman. She had this strength like I have never seen before, and a deep sense of family. She also had this great love for people and the most forgiving spirit. Nana lived a hard life, but she always did the best she could to provide for her family, and even some people she took in off the street. It did not matter what her circumstances were, she would find a way to help you with whatever you needed.

Her heart was so big. This woman really knew what love was. She did not have much, but she was so generous with what she did have. Her forgiving nature is another thing about her that I really admire. She really forgave and forgot, and very quickly too. She did not have room in her heart to be angry with anyone. Her sense of family I see has passed down to her children, and her grandchildren.

Nana lived for her family. Over the years she battled multiple illnesses and always pulled through surprising even the doctors. The last time she was in the hospital, the amount of medicine she was given should have knocked her out. 50mg of it would knock out a grown man. She had 350mg and was wide awake and telling us she loved us and she held on to life for weeks until she got to see everybody. Her strength is shown there, as well as her sense of family. She brought everyone back together there, and she was sure to tell everyone that she loved them. God took her home after she saw everyone. Her deep love, sense of family, strength and forgiving spirit are all qualities of hers that I want to carry on. Nana, in this way, is a woman to map after. What you can learn from her is to love deeply without limits, remember that your family is so important – hold to them tight and don’t let them go.

Be strong and push through,and always, always forgive. These qualities were so strongly evident in my Nana, and they made so much of who she was.

Nana taught me to love without limits.

Content, yet Hopeful… Guest Post by Meghan Gorecki

Today we have a most beautiful and inspiring guest post by Meghan Gorecki, who is a dear old friend of mine! !

Meghan is a young woman striving to live a simple life under the Lord’s unique direction, & daily learning that “to live is Christ, but to die is gain.” Her days are filled to overflowing with working full-time as a medical receptionist, her crazy-awesome family, & pursuing her “dream job” of becoming a published fiction author. Though her passion is fiction writing, she records the crazy days, love, tough lessons, & laughter that color her days on her blog, Just As I Am.


Always being a hopeless/now-cynical romantic, news of engagements, weddings or “relationship statuses” changing always bring a sappy smile to my face. Hearing of unique, divinely-penned love stories always bring me goosebumps and I just shake my head in wonderment of God’s perfect plan for each and every one of us. *Laughs* And at the same time I can say with utmost honesty that I am quite content in my “single” status! This *doesn’t* mean I don’t look around on occasion and wonder where “my guy” is…but I digress.

As my friends and I are getting older, talks of crushes or “boys” have progressed to serious discussions about what we look for {and what we don’t want} in future husbands…while still other friends are hopeful about future relationships, or *in* serious relationships! One of my friends is expecting her thirdchild–her love story is a *very* special and unique one I am privileged to have witnessed. As much as my deepest heart’s desire is to get married and have as many children as God’s will’s…I am, frankly, blown away by the fact that I don’t “feel” like me & my friends are “old enough” to be actually going through or developing serious relationships that may just turn into marriage!

Time has flown by at an alarming rate…it feels like only yesterday a friend and I were perusing Before You Meet Prince Charming, denouncing “crushes” and romance novels…and nobly making “lists” of the “musts” for our future spouses. *Disclaimer: the book referenced is a great book, helpful, to a point. Just slightly went to the extreme…crushes, I have NO room to talk, only had one till I was 12…and I love a good cheesy historical book!* At that time, I was *so* swept up in all of that, it proved to be a slight stumbling block…in other reminisces, I remember vividly how I *SO* wanted to be married at eighteen and having a passel of children by my mid-twenties. Oh the daydreams of an overly romantic old-fashioned little girl…

I rejoice with those who rejoice in new-found, or progressing, relationships…yet it is ALL still so foreign to me half the time I don’t know what to think exactly. But I do know this–I can listen, rejoice with them, and pray for them in the new season. It’s a privilege at every step of the way…while it is *also* a privilege to pray for my utterly single friends’ future husbands, and pray with them in this season where God is preparing us, and “our guys” for our lives together.

I have a journal under a light layer of dust that has a few “letters” to my future husband recorded…I think about him, and where he is, what he’s doing, quite often. And on occasion I do ponder who he could be. I do have a “list” of qualities I hope my husband to have, but it is *not* extensive–compared to certain “lists” two of my friends and I compiled at a young age that boasted forty or more “requirements” for our guys. Don’t judge. Those days of day-dreaming childhood are gone, while the more serious business of asking the Lord to prepare and shape *me* are uppermost in my mind…but I do “dabble” on Pinterest with my dream wedding. smile Regardless of when, where or how gorgeous the wedding is…no matter how many times I may be a bridesmaid before a bride, I am thankful and content where I am now. Yet I am so hopeful for someday… beginning a new life with a beautiful wedding day, & carving out that new life with God at the center.


How has this post encouraged you? Please feel free to share in the comments. Blessings!


Father Figure – Instilling Identity

In my studies and in my life I have come to this conclusion that i firmly believe in — the role of the father in his daughter’s life is to instill into her identity. A mother nurtures, but a father instills value – both are needed. The statistics show that nearly 13.7 million single parents live in the U.S. These 13.7 million parents are responsible for raising approximately 26% of children under 21 (about 21.8 million). Mothers make up over 82% of the parents with the primary care. (Source of Statistics) These statistics show a lacking presence – which is all the more confirmed by this generation who, as they grow find out that they do not know who they are. A father shows his sons what it means to be a man and what it is to be a good husband. A father shows his daughters what a good husband looks like and what they should be looking for in a man. My heart goes out to those who do not have such a father as I have been so blessed with. The father shapes so much of a child’s life and leaves a very deep impression on how one sees their heavenly Father as well.   Today I lift my prayers for those who do not have fathers, who have lost a father, who never had one, who have been hurt by their father that they would receive a deep and true revelation of their heavenly Father’s love for them and for them to see their identity and worth in Him. And I thank God for the blessing of having a father who shows me what a real father is and also who shows me who I am through himself.

A father is the protector. He is the keeper of his daughter’s heart.

Because of my daddy, I know who I am and I am confident in who I am.

Because of my daddy, I have identity.

Because of my daddy, I know that I am loved.

Because of my daddy, I know what I’m waiting for and what to look for in my future husband.

Because of my daddy, I know that I am protected.

Because of my daddy, I know that I am provided for.

Because of my daddy, I know who I am.

My daddy is not perfect, but he does His best. He loves the Lord and he loves his family and it shows in how he lives.


Today, I honor you. Thank you for showing me what it means to be loved. Thank you for instilling value and identity into me. Thank you for everything that you do and everything that you are. Thank you for the way that you love Momma, it blesses my heart so much to see. Thank you for working hard and providing for us so that we can live well and comfortably. I love that you are a family man. Thank you for being so patient and for teaching me. And I love who you have come to be. I love all the memories that I have of you. Thank you for loving me the way that you do. You inspire me, daddy. And I am who I am – with much of that due to you. I will never out-grow you. I will always need you. Thank you for keeping my heart safe. You are a blessing that I continually thank God for! You are a man of character and integrity — and I’m watching for a man like you. (But I think Momma already got the best.) 

I love you, Daddy! 

Always your little girl,


Happy Fathers Day! 

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