Worthy: Is He Really More Than Enough?

For the longest time I put too much focus on what I do for God and not enough on who He is. The last few weeks of school really put this in perspective for me. Maybe you’re where I was too.

Being in ministry school, I long had a perspective of ministry being something you do. But what I have learned is that ministry flows from who you are. And who you are flows from your revelation of who God is. 

It starts with Him.

It is all about Him.

If you never preached another sermon, if you never led another worship song, if you never brought another to the knowledge of salvation, would God still be enough?

If you never saw the lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see; if you never saw the captives freed, would God still be enough?

Is who He is enough that you can praise Him for Him? Does your heart really know that it’s not about the things He can do?

He is worthy of all praise. He is faithful and true. Holy One, Lord of all — it’s all about Him.

He is more than enough. But is He that to you?

If all you did in this lifetime was you sit as His feet and worship Him…would it be enough for you?

Even if you aren’t in ministry, that is what flows out of who you are when you have a revelation of who HE is. He is the love that you love with. He is the compassion that you reach out with. He is the hope that you bring. He is in the encouraging words you speak. He is the source of your being. Your ministry is sharing Jesus through who you are. Your worship is your day to day life in living out His heart and character that He has revealed to Him.

But if life was nothing more than sitting as His feet in worship simply because He is worthy, would it be enough?

Would He be enough?

Is He enough for you?

As the Christmas season approaches, remember He is worthy and it is all about Him. It is not about what He can do or what he can give, but it’s about who He is.

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