The House that Porn Built

Society today has fallen for the lie that porn is harmless entertainment.

But the truth is – pornography is the foundation to human trafficking. Many times women and children are forced into pornography – a decent percentage of which are trafficking victims.

In the United States alone it is estimated that over $3,000 a minute is spent on porn and the porn industry makes an estimated $93 billion dollars a year.

Every time pornography is accessed, the demand for more increases. When that happens, more victims are pulled into it. It is pornography that makes human trafficking a supply and demand issue.

The house that porn built is the house of lust that traps those who look at it. The house that porn built holds your fellow brothers and sisters lost behind eyes that reflect no life with little fight left in them. The house that porn built destroys families around the globe. The house that porn built is a trap that sucks people in to it’s grasp.

Porn cheapens sexuality. It is yet another distortion of the gift that God gave to be shared by a husband and wife.

There is an attack on the sanctity of marriage.

There is an attack on the innocence of children.

There is an attack on what is moral and what is good.

Compromise in this case is defeat….what we tolerate, the next generation will accept.

Take a stand against this injustice.


It Gets Personal!

Up to this point, I feel like I’ve fed you a lot of statistics and not enough substance to show you just how real the problem of human trafficking is in this country – in every country!

The average age for a girl entering the slave trade is 13 years old.

13 years old! That’s it. Surely, you know a family member or friend or neighbor that age. Can you imagine them being taken for the purpose of sexual exploitation?

It gets personal. When I heard the average age was 13 my thoughts immediately went to my sister who is 13. That hit home very quickly. Don’t think something can’t happen to anyone. This is closer to home than it might seem – much closer than you might think.

This is why it is so important to educate yourself on the trafficking. No one is immune to it. For the sake of those around you, learn to recognize the signs. You could save a life – and it could be someone you know – it could be your loved one.

How are you going to educate yourself on the issues?

Save a life.



Somebody’s Daughters…

SomebodysDaughtersLast night as I was going to bed my thoughts and prayers went up for the girls and the women who are trafficking victims and prostitutes. My thoughts were haunted by the blank depths that were found in the eyes of those I have crossed paths with. Their eyes are a black hole – as if no life is behind them. The longer they live the life (if you can call it that) they do, they withdraw everything of who they are within, becoming more and more distant. Survival is the goal, but even then there are so many days death seems better.

Broken. Weary. Violated. Trapped.

And these are somebody’s daughters!

Perhaps they once knew a loving family and had friends or a pet?

Maybe they had a job or went to school?

Maybe they had a hard life and then it hit even harder.

Promises broken. Dreams shattered. Life as they knew it – Gone.

Branded. Sold. A strangers pleasure.

Yet, she’s somebody’s daughter.

Be a voice. Educate yourself. Rescue these girls.

What if this were your daughter?




Hear Us From Heaven – The Silent Cries of Millions

Due to the bitter-cold temperatures (10-20 below 0 with the wind chill), our school has a two-hour delay this morning. What lies heavily on my heart this moment are the effects of a decision  made 40 years ago, January 22, 1973 – Roe v. Wade – the Supreme Court decision to overturn the interpretation of abortion law making abortion legal in the United States. If the weather wasn’t enough to make me cold, the knowledge of the 55+ million lives that were lost since the Roe v. Wade decision does.

My heart breaks for the millions that were not given the chance to live.

And my heart breaks for the mothers who still suffer from that decision and the pain that resulted from it.

And my heart breaks for the families that will never know these precious lives.

I do not write to condemn those who have been there. I do not write to attack or offend in any way. But I write as a voice for those that were silenced before they got to speak. I write as a voice for those who will never get to speak. Proverbs 31:8 says this:

“Speak for those who cannot speak; seek justice for all those on the verge of destruction.”  (ISV)

The New King James Version puts it this way,  “Open your mouth for the speechless, In the cause of all who are appointed to die.” 

I speak on behalf of the millions affected by Roe v. Wade. 

Today I beseech you, go to your knees and intercede for this generation. “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Pray for God’s love and peace to cover:

  • Those currently contemplating abortion and who may feel like that is their only choice
  • The post-abortive women who are hurting from their decision and those that this decision was forced on them
  • The men who will never meet their child due to an abortion

Pray for:

  • The hearts of the people to change and for there to be a respect and a love for life.
  • The government officials to have a respect for life.
  • Godly people to be elected into government positions.


For those of you who have already had an abortion:

You are loved. You have not been disqualified from the love of God. Know that there are prayers going up for you today.


Lord, You hear the silent cries of millions. From the innocent who have already lost their voices, to those grieving and silently suffering. Let the hurting feel your love and your peace today. Call this nation back to you. Amen.


Live. Pursue. Love. Endure.

~Brittany L. Ketter

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