21 Days of Never-the-Same – Day 16

Something really big for me is dreams. I am all about dreaming big and I love to be able to help and encourage others to reach their dreams. It is definitely a topic and message that God put in my heart is the art of dreaming well and what it means to dream.

In light of that, there is something new that I learned about dreams lately:

The provision is in the journey.

When God puts a dream in your heart, it is all about saying “yes” to Him and following Holy Spirit’s guidance in timing. Sometimes it will go against all logic. Sometimes the pieces will not all fit together. But dreaming is not all about practicalities. Dreaming is going beyond yourself. It might not seem like everything is coming together for your dream, but that is when you step out in faith.

Philippians 1:6 says:  “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

If God has put a dream in your heart – go for it! Don’t be afraid to believe for the impossible. The provision is in the journey.

I dream of spiritual revival in India.

I dream of being a women’s minister.

I dream of being an author and speaker.

I dream of bringing an end to human trafficking.

Are all of these things practical? No. But they are dreams that are in my heart, and I know that God desires these things for me as well. He will bring this work to completion, but I need to begin to walk it out. It starts with a choice to have faith and step out.

What are your dreams? Do you believe in God’s provision for the journey?

21 Days of Never-the-Same – Day 5

me and nanaIt is a rare day that goes by that I don’t think about my Nana Joan and the impact that she made on my life.

Although she is no longer with us, Nana left a powerful legacy of love and it changed my life dramatically. Never have a seen such a display of love so constantly and selflessly lived out.

My Nana was an amazing woman. She had this strength like I have never seen before, and a deep sense of family. She also had this great love for people and the most forgiving spirit. Nana lived a hard life, but she always did the best she could to provide for her family, and even some people she took in off the street. It did not matter what her circumstances were, she would find a way to help you with whatever you needed.

Her heart was so big. This woman really knew what love was. She did not have much, but she was so generous with what she did have. Her forgiving nature is another thing about her that I really admire. She really forgave and forgot, and very quickly too. She did not have room in her heart to be angry with anyone. Her sense of family I see has passed down to her children, and her grandchildren.

Nana lived for her family. Over the years she battled multiple illnesses and always pulled through surprising even the doctors. The last time she was in the hospital, the amount of medicine she was given should have knocked her out. 50mg of it would knock out a grown man. She had 350mg and was wide awake and telling us she loved us and she held on to life for weeks until she got to see everybody. Her strength is shown there, as well as her sense of family. She brought everyone back together there, and she was sure to tell everyone that she loved them. God took her home after she saw everyone. Her deep love, sense of family, strength and forgiving spirit are all qualities of hers that I want to carry on. Nana, in this way, is a woman to map after. What you can learn from her is to love deeply without limits, remember that your family is so important – hold to them tight and don’t let them go.

Be strong and push through,and always, always forgive. These qualities were so strongly evident in my Nana, and they made so much of who she was.

Nana taught me to love without limits.

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