Traffic J.A.M. And Pearl Alliance

The current state of our world is heartbreaking – but often we’re too busy to really notice it. Or, maybe we do notice it, but we’re too busy to really do something about it.

Is life really nothing more than living a routine and trying your best to get through? Being “too busy” is just an excuse used by those too afraid to get involved or by those who don’t care enough to do the work involved to make a difference.

One of the biggest problems in this world is that people don’t help each other.

I was encouraged today as I drove through the little town I live. After some flash flooding yesterday we were under several feet of water. It hurt driving through and seeing people working to clean up the streets and sidewalks and bringing out things from their homes that were ruined – carpets, boxes and boxes of belongings. But then I saw a sign set up from a nearby church that is offering help with cleaning to anyone who calls. Several of them were set up around the block. This encouraged me. This is what we all need to do.

What can you do to “clean up” the mess you see every day in this world? Anyone can see a mess and pull out the bad…but it really takes someone to do something about it.

I want to challenge you to educate yourself today with the resources found at this link: Traffic J.A.M. – JUSTICE. AWARENESS. MOBILIZATION.

Traffic J.A.M is a  501(c)(3) dedicated to preventing commercial sexual exploitation in countries of origin founded in July 2010.

Their site shares the importance of YOU getting involved and how you can help (in ways big or small) – every bit makes a difference.

pearlalliance Pearl Alliance is a branch of Messenger International specifically designed to help raise funds and awareness to prevent the progression of human trafficking and rescue those who are already enslaved. John and Lisa Bevere, authors and speakers, founded this outreach after Lisa spent time in Thailand witnessing firsthand the brutality of the human trafficking industry.

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