Cry Freedom

I was promised a better life – a way out of what I had always known. Never in all my 17 years did I believe that I would want to go back home. The verbal abuse was bad. My step-father physically abusing me was worse. But where I am now…nothing could be worse than this. Running away I thought was the best idea. It was my only choice. No one wanted me. No one would help me. I made it from Denver, CO to Detroit – taking a bus and catching a ride when I could. I was off to get myself a better life.

For a week I stayed in a motel using what was left of my savings after the journey to Detroit. I managed to get a job at a diner there and worked nights. The place was always busy but it wasn’t long before I began to get to know the regulars. One in particular stood out to me – Jack. He was always really nice to me and would leave a good tip. The second time he came in I was so surprised because he remembered my name. That made me feel so good and like I was more than just a face. Jack would come and get his usual combo and coffee and sit and chat with me every Wednesday. Then he started coming more often. He helped me to secure an apartment – under his name and I would pay the rent money to him every month.

I didn’t realize I’d be paying with my very soul. I moved in to the apartment…it was just a few weeks later he came and told me he had talked to a friend who had a job for me that would be better paying and I wouldn’t have to work at the diner anymore. I called the diner and quit excited for the job – whatever it was that he had obtained for me. I was told that they would meet me at my apartment at 5 that afternoon.

Jack came. He brought another man with him. I don’t remember who he introduced him as. But whoever he was, the moment they came in the door I knew I was doomed. My soul sank to depths I didn’t know existed. Jack took a seat and the other man grabbed my arm and dragged me into the room. He started tearing at my clothes and beating me. I put up a fight, but it was useless. I was forced to drink vodka and other strong drinks and to take these small blue pills. For days everything was so groggy. But it didn’t numb the searing pain in my heart. I couldn’t believe how stupid I was to trust anyone….especially these men! I beat myself up over it, but it didn’t change anything.

I started seeing as many as 60 men in a day…all wanting one thing – my body…to be a strangers pleasure.

Now I lay here against the wall in my bedroom that I’m captive to. It is only a matter of time before the next john comes knocking paying a small amount for a piece of my soul. I long for home. Even home was better than this…

Is there any way out? Is my family looking for me? Does anyone care? How long must i endure?

I feel the sound of footsteps approaching my door and dread and fear consume me. My eyes are set cold and my face expressionless.

Another endless day in the nightmare I live. Can anyone hear me?

My heart cries for freedom…

Can you hear me?


Every day stories just like this happen all over the world. Many of those who end up in trafficking are runaways – victims of abuse who are taken advantage of. Can you hear their silent cries for freedom? Will you help them?


It’s time to END IT!

It started early that morning upon waking up. There was a number that slipped into my head during my morning prayer.


434? Was that a time? or what? I didn’t know. All I knew was I’d find its purpose later.

The events of the day passed normally. Then late that afternoon I went with a small group on a prayer walk around the motels in the area. A trucker pulled up and began talking to us. Our guide directed him to a restaurant nearby that would satisfy his expressed desire for food. After a short time of conversing, we went on our way to continue around the buildings. We didn’t get far when we realized he was watching us and following a distance behind. He went into the office and after we had circled the second building I took note of two men on bikes circling the main building.

Continuing on our prayer walk we circled other buildings. About a half hour later we were just rounding the main building where the trucker had parked. A taxi pulled up to the motel building. Two men sat in the taxi with a young girl who couldn’t have been older than 14 or 15. One of the men got out with her as the Trucker met him. As the taxi pulled away and the men on bikes circled again, I looked up to the room that the men and the girl were taken to – 434. Prayers had already gone up, but we stopped and prayed again.

The trafficking had been happening right before our eyes….we’d seen the John (the man who pays for the girl” the girl, the lookouts (men on the bikes) and I’m pretty sure that the pimp saw us. Our guide explained how common these sights were in the area. My heart broke. America isn’t truly free. In fact, there are more in slavery today than in any other time.

As we readied to walk back to the drop-in center/safe house across the street was a young woman that we had seen when we had gotten there over an hour prior still walking/pacing in the same corner. She was a prostitute.

These are only 2 of the many that we saw and interacted with that week.

Trafficking is happening on your streets. This isn’t just in other countries. It is a world-wide issue.

Fact: The average age for entering trafficking in the U.S. is 13 years old. 

Fact: Trafficking is the 2nd largest illegal criminal activity in the world – second only to drugs.

Fact: Every 2 minutes a child is exploited in the sex industry.

Fact: 21,000,000 people are enslaved around the world. 

Given these facts, what are you going to do? It is time to END IT!

I believe in the cause and I believe it is not lost. Freedom will be found. Today starts 31 days to Freedom. Be a voice for the voiceless. Raise awareness for this injustice. But more than that, make an impact.

21 Days of Never-the-Same – Day 7

A few years ago my Aunt Mimi took me to Emerald Isle for my graduation. It was an incredible week, ocean-view, falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the waves crashing and the smell of the sweet, salt air. You might be wondering how this would be life-changing in any way…but for me it was.

Emerald Isle

This is what captured me.

Every day I woke up to this I was completely awestruck by the beauty of the place. The thoughts that ran through my mind were constantly, “Lord, I’m amazed by you…”

This trip restored to me the awe of the Lord and the beauty of His creation — a reflection of the master craftsman Himself. It allowed me to experience God in deeper way.

Thank you, Mimi for taking me! This was one of the best trips I’ve taken and my favorite destination! The time spent with you was blessed and beautiful! Love you! Blessings and favor! ❤

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