21 Days of Never-the-Same – Day 16

Something really big for me is dreams. I am all about dreaming big and I love to be able to help and encourage others to reach their dreams. It is definitely a topic and message that God put in my heart is the art of dreaming well and what it means to dream.

In light of that, there is something new that I learned about dreams lately:

The provision is in the journey.

When God puts a dream in your heart, it is all about saying “yes” to Him and following Holy Spirit’s guidance in timing. Sometimes it will go against all logic. Sometimes the pieces will not all fit together. But dreaming is not all about practicalities. Dreaming is going beyond yourself. It might not seem like everything is coming together for your dream, but that is when you step out in faith.

Philippians 1:6 says:  “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

If God has put a dream in your heart – go for it! Don’t be afraid to believe for the impossible. The provision is in the journey.

I dream of spiritual revival in India.

I dream of being a women’s minister.

I dream of being an author and speaker.

I dream of bringing an end to human trafficking.

Are all of these things practical? No. But they are dreams that are in my heart, and I know that God desires these things for me as well. He will bring this work to completion, but I need to begin to walk it out. It starts with a choice to have faith and step out.

What are your dreams? Do you believe in God’s provision for the journey?

21 Days of Never-the-Same – Day 6

The last couple years God has brought some incredible people into my life. I know that I would not be who I am today without them. A few of these people I am blessed to have with me weekly. They have poured so much into my life the last two years and I’m so grateful for their presence in my life.

JoelleOne of these people, if you’re looking for the REAL deal, she is it. This semester she was my mentor for my ministry track with school. She’s an incredible woman of God with a heart for the harvest, my dear friend, Joelle. I have never met anyone like this girl. She has a huge passion for the Lord and has taught me so much. Two of the biggest things that I have learned from her go hand in hand:

1) Be faithful where you are at.

2) Love the one in front of you. 

Lessons that seem so simple, and yet, when actually applied, they change everything. It is so important to be faithful where you are placed right now because although God might be calling you to the nations or to be or do something else, you are also called to be where you are right now. That being said, give your all where you are at. You are divinely appointed to be there. Just the same, love the one in front of you. Be faithful to those that God brings into your life. Don’t be so future-focused that you miss the people who have been divinely orchestrated to cross your path.

PChrisAnother of these people is the assistant director of VSOM, Pastor Chris. This guy always keeps me guessing. God has gifted him creatively in many ways. I am always amazed at the visions that he brings forth for ways to minister creatively and also with his heart for the church. We had a prayer time last year focused on the Bride of Christ and the spiritual harlotry she is committing and that changed me and gave me a new passion for the church.

Pastor Chris taught me a lot, but one of the lessons that really stands out is this:

Set the new standard. 

Dream bigger. Run to your fears and realize how small and insignificant they really are. Don’t be afraid to fail, and don’t be afraid to succeed. Give your all in everything! Go hard.

PBenFinally, a man of God full of grace and wisdom far beyond his years, Pastor Ben. I can’t even fully express how knowing this man has changed me, but I’ve grown so much under his leadership. He is an incredible man of God! When I think of Pastor Ben, the first thing that pops into my mind is probably one of the greatest things I have gleaned from him:


That is, having grace for others, having grace for yourself, and receiving grace as well. I’ve learned that I need A LOT of grace, and all the same, I need to give that too. 

In addition, I’ve learned that the sufficiency of Christ is more than enough.  Also, I have learned what it is to truly have a passion for the Lord and a heart for the things of God. Something that I have seen in Pastor Ben’s life is how evident His passion and heart for the Lord are in his every day walk.

I thank God every day for these incredible people in my life! I would not be the same without them!

Thank you to Pastor Ben, Pastor Chris and Joelle for believing in me, calling out the potential in me and for pouring into my life. Know that you are constantly in my prayers and I honor your place in my life. Blessings and favor! I love you!


Q4U: What people have poured into your life that God used to make you who you are today?

The Color Purple

“21 She is not afraid of snow for her household, For all her household is clothed with scarlet. 22 She makes tapestry for herself; Her clothing is fine linen and purple.” (NKJV)

Proverbs 31: 21-22

Proverbs 31 is generally fairly well-known to us as it contains what a woman who fears the Lord looks like. It paints a portrait of what we read and see as the perfect woman that we could never be! Everything we read in Proverbs 31 sometimes could even be overwhelming because we desire so much to be that woman who fears the Lord; we desireto be that godly woman. But there are things that we forget as we read through what we often mistakenly think as requirements, rather than an example. 

The proverbs 31 woman is not meant to be this over-bearing goal and to be that kind of woman of character does not just happen overnight. It is a process. I have been reading and learning so much in Proverbs 31 that I want to take a few posts to expound on some of it with you readers. Today I highlighted verses 21 and 22 posted above.

This woman is established. It says that her household is clothed with scarlet. This woman knows and has seen to that her household is covered in the blood of Jesus. They are washed, redeemed…they are covered in the precious blood of the lamb.

Reading on into verse 22 it says that her clothing is fine linen and purple. It was brought to my attention by a wonderful woman of God of why she dresses in purple.

Purple is a color of royalty.

This woman knows who her God is.

This woman knows who her Father is.

This woman knows that her Daddy is the King of Kings.

She knows her position as royalty – She is a daughter of the King.

She knows her King.


That brought such a revelation to me. It was then that I realized, then when you know your position, it changes everything. When I came to a true knowing in my heart of who my King was, it changed who I was. Because it was then that I knew my position as a princess. It can almost sound cliché anymore to hear that. But when you realize that you truly are a princess and that your daddy is the King, and when you recognize your position in the kingdom, what other people might think or say doesn’t matter anymore. There is a new confidence – there is an authority that you carry when you know that you are in position to walk in it.

Do you know in your heart who your King is today?

Do you know in your heart your position in the kingdom?

Are you clothed in purple?

I want to challenge you, as a young lady-in-waiting to seek to know the King’s heart today. And when you know the king and recognize your position in the kingdom, I can promise it will change you.

You can’t enter into His presence and not be changed by His glory!

I bless you with the recognition that you are a princess of the Most High King and that you walk in a heavenly authority. May you walk in grace and keep your head high. And may you know your King in a deeper way than you ever have before.

~Brittany L. Ketter

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