Uninspired? Light a Fire!

Have you ever had one of those days, or weeks, or even months where you felt so uninspired? You loved something, or you wanted to do something but lacked the inspiration and the motivation to do it? What do you do when inspiration and motivation run cold?


I know. The last thing you want to do when you’re feeling uninspired is something. But how do you get from uninspired to fired up?

Emotionalism aside, what had you fired up about it in the first place? If you want to burn long and strong, you have to remember what stirred the fire up in the first place.

As passionate as I am about writing, there are days where I don’t have the words.

As passionate as I am about the causes I believe in, there are days where it seems that they aren’t heard.

As passionate as I am about dancing, there are days where I can’t move or don’t feel like moving.

As passionate as I am about the Lord, there are days where I have to say to my soul, “You will bless the Lord!”

Does having to stir myself up sometimes make these passions any less in me? No, it doesn’t. Because deep inside, they are part of my cause, they are part of my purpose, they are what make my being come alive. They are what God has put in me.

Emotions can sometimes get in the way. There are going to be days where you feel like just laying around and doing nothing – this is okay. But don’t lose sight of what made those passions rise up in you.

I have to remind myself of why I write. I have to remind myself of why I believe in taking a stand against human trafficking and abortion. I have to remind myself why I want to raise up a generation of women who are whole, healthy and wholeheartedly devoted to the plans and purposes that God has on their lives. I have to remind myself why I dance. I have to remind myself that God is greater than my circumstances and no matter where I am at, He is worthy and I will bless His name.

These are some of my passions. Many days they excite me and I come alive because I GET to sit in God’s presence and commune with Him. I GET to write. I GET to take a stand. I GET to mentor young women. I GET to minister. And all of this, it makes me feel alive inside.

Sometimes there is a fight. But I’ve found when the fight comes, many times it is because you have lost sight of why you do what you do. Sometimes it is because you have lost sight of the origin of your passion: It started with God.

Passion isn’t based on emotion. It is a love and commitment so deep that it sees the vision and is relentless to see it come to pass. All of my passions come down to one thing: that God be glorified in it. I love the Lord and I am passionate about the things of God. This is why I do what I do. And if there was nothing else but Him, my passion would still burn to just sit as his feet and worship Him simply because He is worthy.

When your sights are on Him, the fire starts again.

Walking it Out: Where in your life have your passions died down. Light a fire again. Spend some time with God and then write down your passions. Write down how they came about. Write down why your passionate about it.

Worthy: Is He Really More Than Enough?

For the longest time I put too much focus on what I do for God and not enough on who He is. The last few weeks of school really put this in perspective for me. Maybe you’re where I was too.

Being in ministry school, I long had a perspective of ministry being something you do. But what I have learned is that ministry flows from who you are. And who you are flows from your revelation of who God is. 

It starts with Him.

It is all about Him.

If you never preached another sermon, if you never led another worship song, if you never brought another to the knowledge of salvation, would God still be enough?

If you never saw the lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see; if you never saw the captives freed, would God still be enough?

Is who He is enough that you can praise Him for Him? Does your heart really know that it’s not about the things He can do?

He is worthy of all praise. He is faithful and true. Holy One, Lord of all — it’s all about Him.

He is more than enough. But is He that to you?

If all you did in this lifetime was you sit as His feet and worship Him…would it be enough for you?

Even if you aren’t in ministry, that is what flows out of who you are when you have a revelation of who HE is. He is the love that you love with. He is the compassion that you reach out with. He is the hope that you bring. He is in the encouraging words you speak. He is the source of your being. Your ministry is sharing Jesus through who you are. Your worship is your day to day life in living out His heart and character that He has revealed to Him.

But if life was nothing more than sitting as His feet in worship simply because He is worthy, would it be enough?

Would He be enough?

Is He enough for you?

As the Christmas season approaches, remember He is worthy and it is all about Him. It is not about what He can do or what he can give, but it’s about who He is.

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